Hair Stylist


Quick Definition: An individual who styles hair on photo shoots or film shoots.

Full Definitions: A hair stylist is a professional in the beauty industry that creates hair styles. Hair stylists that work on photo shoots generally do not cut or color hair, but instead style it according to the photographer or creative director’s vision. Hair stylists work with wardrobe stylist and make up artists to make sure actors or models look perfect in front of the camera.

Example: Vidal Sasson is one of the most legendary hair stylists.


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Body Modeling


Quick Definition: Modeling focused on the body.

Full Definition: Body modeling is generally not nude modeling, but often does feature models in swim suits or other revealing outfits. Casting directors will often do a body check before hiring a model for body modeling because much of the body will most likely be exposed.

Body modeling is closely related to glamor modeling, as successful body modeling focuses on sexuality than it does on traditional modeling traits, like height or build.

Example: Body modeling is often used in promoting men’s products.

body modeling

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Fashion Coordinator


Quick Definition: An individual that chooses and organize clothing for fashion shows.

Full Definition: The job of a fashion coordinator varies greatly depending on the situation. A fashion coordinator is often the person who works with retail stores to pull outfits for store or informal fashion shows and trunk shows. A fashion coordinator also might work under a stylist in a larger fashion show or on photo shoots organizing items and assisting with the stylist work.

Example: A wardrobe stylist works in many facets of the fashion industry.

fashion coordinator

Usage: We can work with the fashion coordinator to make sure all of the looks are perfect.

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